Canadian Immigration

As an immigration lawyer, I have years of experience assisting clients with a wide variety of immigration applications, including applications for permanent residency, sponsorship, work permits, temporary resident visas, and study permits. While a would-be immigrant does not legally require a lawyer to submit an immigration application, in most instances, it's in the applicant's best interests to have a legal representative. An immigration application is often the most important application that a person will ever make, with starting a new life and career in the country of one's choice being the prize that is at stake.
A legal representative helps an immigration client in the following ways:
  • providing immigration applicants appropriate time frame estimates for the various possible immigration options
  • helping clients to determine their eligibility under the different immigration programs
  • advising clients as to what steps they have yet to take to become eligible for immigration under the different immigration streams
  • advising clients of their rights and responsibilities in relation to the immigration process
  • reviewing materials required for immigration applications, including documents prepared by governments and third parties
  • accurately and thoroughly completing forms that are necessary for the immigration process 
  • communicating with Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (formerly Citizenship and Immigration Canada) and various provincial governments on behalf of the applicant in situations in which special consideration is required
I have assisted clients with a wide variety of immigration applications, including skilled worker, Canadian experience class, family and spousal (common law partner) sponsorship, and provincial nominee permanent residency applications. In addition to permanent residency applications, I have assisted with work permit, labour market impact assessment, study permit, temporary resident visa, and citizenship applications.