Common Documents

Certified Copies

If you need a certified copy of an important document, I can copy the document in my office, provided the document is not overly large, such as is the case with some diplomas, and provided a black and white copy suffices. As a notary, I have to compare the copy with the original document in order to certify that the reproduction is a true copy of the original document, so it is necessary for you to bring the original document to the appointment. 


Letters of Invitation and Consent Letters If necessary, I can prepare several common documents that often require notarization, including Letters of Invitation (for temporary visas), and Consent Letters also known as Consent to Travel Documents (for taking children outside of Canada). Additional charges apply for such document drafting services. Alternatively, you can prepare these documents in advance of your notary appointment.


Passport Documents  

Some passport documents require notarization, and are available at the passport office or may be available online. While requirements for Canadian passport applications are relatively straightforward, if you are applying for a foreign passport, you should check with the applicable embassy or consulate to determine what special notary requirements might apply to such documents. 


Personal Guarantees

Sometimes an individual will have to sign a personal guarantee to obtain a business loan for a private company. Such guarantees require notarization. The notary must discuss with you the consequences of entering into a personal guarantee, and be satisfied that you are aware of those consequences.