Why Use a Lawyer?

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Many people believe that it is less expensive and more convenient to use do-it-yourself will kits. However, there are several advantages to using a lawyer, and in fact a lawyer may actually save you and your estate money.

The advantages of using a lawyer include:

    • A lawyer will help to ensure that your will is properly drafted and properly signed. People without legal experience can make mistakes if simply relying on a will kit. An invalid will may mean that your beneficiaries lose thousands of dollars.

    • A lawyer will bring up issues that you might not have considered when using a will kit. Such issues include considerations about family members and dependants, business assets, and property that does not form part of your estate.

    • Using a lawyer means your will is less likely to be successfully challenged in court. A legal challenge to your will could cost your estate, and your loved ones, thousands of dollars.

    • A lawyer can make practical recommendations regarding the content of your will. You may have a legally valid will, but it might not properly provide for certain beneficiaries, or it may contain instructions that create difficulties for your executors.

  • Using will kits may involve unexpected additional expenses such as fees for electronic storage of your information, or fees for witnessing and notarizing your will and related documents. Such additional expenses may add up to hundreds of dollars.

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