Notary Public (and Commissioner for Oaths) Fees

Depending on the document you have, you may be able to get by with the services of a Commissioner for Oaths. Typically, documents signed by a Commissioner for Oaths (as opposed to a Notary Public) can only be used in the province in which the Commissioner for Oaths is licenced; otherwise, a Notary Public is required. Also, certain documents, such as certified copies, should be signed by a Notary Public.
My fees* as a Notary Public are as follows:
1 document = $40         2 documents = $60  
3 documents = $75        4 documents = $90   
5 documents = $105      6 documents = $120 
7 documents = $135      8 documents = $150  
9 documents = $165      10 documents = $180
After 10 documents (i.e 11 documents or more) the notary charge is $10 per additional document.

These prices are for notarizations performed in one appointment, and include GST. 

'Document' refers to any item requiring a single notarization (i.e. a signature and notary stamp or seal).
All documents should be filled out in advance of the notary appointment (but not signed) otherwise additional charges may apply.
*Special discount rates apply for Venezuelan Residents of Calgary requiring certified copies.